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annual skin exams

An annual skin exam is an opportunity for a Dermatologist to examine your skin, identify concerns, look at moles to evaluate changes, and check out any rashes. You can also speak with your Provider if you want to consider any medical or cosmetic treatments to help with skin issues. 

Annual skin exams check for and can prevent


Moles & Spots

Your doctor may look at any unusual spots with a dermatoscope, which looks like a combination of a magnifying glass and flashlight. This allows your doctor to better examine moles that are hard to see with the naked eye. 


Skin Cancer

Skin cancer can occur in anyone and may arise regardless of sun exposure and sunburns. It’s important for any patient, including African American, Hispanic and Asian patients, to be routinely checked for changing skin lesions. 


Skin Conditions

Your doctor will note and redness, rashes, or dry spots. The skin exam to check moles is to assess for skin cancers and atypical moles. If you want to discuss other skin conditions, such as acne and eczema, anti-aging concerns, or cosmetic procedures, you may need to make a separate appointment.

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